• Francesco Emilio Restuccia La Sapienza - Università di Roma
Palavras-chave: Feedback, Interação, Exteriorização, Aparelho, Prótese, Epítese.


The concept of Rückschlag (relapse / striking back) seems to synthetize Flusser’s theory of technic. This paper tries to disclose the different layers of meaning of the concept by relating it to similar conceptions such as the idea of externalization theorized by the French paleoanthropologist André Leroi-Gourhan, the concept of feedback as it was developed by the inventor of cybernetics, Norbert Wiener, and the concept of interplay (Zwischenspiel) proposed by Walter Benjamin.

Biografia do Autor

Francesco Emilio Restuccia, La Sapienza - Università di Roma
I completed my PhD in Philosophy at La Sapienza – Università di Roma with a thesis about Vilém Flusser as a critic of idolatry in the age of new media. My main research interest concerns aesthetics as a common ground between religion and the theory of media and technology. I published about Flusser, Benjamin, Baudrillard as well as about the genealogy of Christian images.


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